25 thoughts on “What Makes For Good Design?

  1. All our web design are entirely custom built to your specific needs, no templates used. Highly skilled web designers will create your company an impressive and effective online presence.

  2. I am impressed by the quality of information in this video. There are lot of useful information about it.

  3. And now there is responsive website designs in which the website readjusts itself for any screen resolution.

  4. Howdy. This is Jose – The suggestion to look at Schools is a great one. You can also contact your local AIGA – American Institute of Graphic Arts.
    Elance is a great resource too. Thanks for watching!

  5. I would contact local graphic design schools and see if some students will help. Sometimes studios will do it cheaply as it is a tax writeoff. Also allowing design creativity and a link to their site will encourage a hefty discount. Ask around. Good luck 🙂

  6. I’m a non-profit startup and really want to be pointed to someone that can make a website like Jose and Aure show in their demos, nice clean and tight…I have my domain and webhost but I’m a novice so what should I expect to pay and still get what I need aprofessional look?

  7. Totally disagree about the photography site. Why would you want to not show the full power of that photographer’s work by adding images everywhere? No. Make the viewer feel the photography like that designer did.

  8. Did anybody even mention the use of white colour, large-buttons for easy clicking and the location of elements on the page for the best natural ‘findability’? Most people expect to find a phone number either in the top right of the page or at the very bottom, for example, just like a traditional letterhead. Logo’s and graphics should be minimal in colour if what you’re putting on the page is colourful and you want content to fill the user’s view.

    Simple things that aren’t even mentioned.

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