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  1. this phone is spectacular !!! for just 10k what all high end features u want ???? if the same features had been released by sony o sony erricson olg o samsung ,they would ve price tagged it not less than 20k !!!! dont forget it is a 1ghz dual core n has 1.2 gb user available internal memory n 5mp camera !!! I ONLY HEARD THAT QUALITY OF 5 MP IS NOT THAT AS EXPECTED !!! nice review by the way !!!!! all those ppl who dreamt of having galaxy note ,will ve their dreams come true by micromax!!!!

  2. Yes you can but with not the default video player. Also when it does play full HD there are lot of skipped frames and lags. If this is your criteria this phone is not for you.

  3. Thank you so much for the feedback.! I ordered it today and also you are right about screen graphics but its like 3000 more expensive. i dont mind its just i dont want to invest more on micromax. since i have no idea about its durability.So i indeed stick to A100.But you are right A90 sure has an edge over this cause of AMOLED !!

  4. Hello, It works good according to day to day communication. and day after day, it might seem strange but it feels normally small. A90 though has better graphics.

  5. Hello everyone
    I have a question very important
    I am planning to buy this phone.
    But i am really concerned about only one thing.
    Since i am abroad i cant just have a look physically
    i can only check on you tube.


  6. I did the test. I tried playing a 720P file and one that was recorded from the camera played alright without lag, but when i tried playing a 720P movie it did not respond well. I played but the sound was not in sync and sometimes the video was laggy. The problem here might be with not properly configured drivers.

  7. Can anyone do video test. I pretty sure the hardware can handle hd, but the phone even struggles to play 720p or even some hq wmv files.

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