25 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial 1 – Designing A Website In Notepad – Basics and Beginnings

  1. as soon as i exit out of notepad i cant go back and edit the page. i tried right clicking on the browser but all it gives is options to open that file with web browsers and not notepad. could someone help?

  2. this is what i was looking for.
    i am beginner and i need to know the very basic. so its very nice
    thanks dear!!!

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  4. Web and software development has become cheapest and most competitive profession due to these online tutorials. There is no career in web services these days. Students should join only those professions which are only taught in universities. There is big money in them.

  5. actually HTML is better.
    1. There Is HTML/PHP Hosters (not free. 🙁 )
    2. Web Builders Have Bookmarks At The Bottom.
    3. With HTML, No.2 Can Have No Bookmarks.

  6. I recommend downloading Notepad++ for this kind of things, it’s free and better for coding & stuff.

  7. hi great great great great video…
    im a new youtuber, i actually like your video
    if you want to learn html you can go to my channel where there are some htlm tutorials
    remember i am a new youtuber so more video will be coming.
    thankz :)

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