Common Errors That New Bloggers Tend To Make

While blogging is continuously growing as a lucrative career option, not everybody finds success with blogging. Some bloggers make very obtuse mistakes and have to shut out their blogs as soon as they begin it. You would surely want to steer clear of making such errors and have a successful blog that benefits you. Well the only way to do so is to be informed about these common errors which are:

Duplicating: Not being original is one of the most common errors that newbie bloggers make. Just because you want a huge fan following and high popularity does not mean you should copy someone else’s work and cite is as your own. Not only it creates legal issues for you but also earns your blog a bad reputation preventing any actual success. Even your readers would feel cheated of their valuable time an effort put into reading your blog post.

Yes there are common topics and you cannot avoid writing something that is essential but try and make it as unique as possible by changing the manner of presentation or the viewpoint – write your own viewpoint of the Man Utd Stadium Tour rather than just copy and pasting.

No Preaching: People hate reading articles that sound like commandments. So you must not sound dogmatic. Instead try and make your writing style as friendly as possible. Use a more colloquial  and less ornamental language ,more words like ‘you’,’ your’ so that your reader feels more identifiable with you.

Be well informed: Do your necessary homework as there is no shortcut to researching. Read a fair amount on your topic from other similar blogs and newspapers, journals etc.It will be a bad situation in case your reader finds out your content to be ill informed or your facts to be wrong.

No SEO: New bloggers often fail to pay enough attention to promoting their blog which affects them negatively. Even very well written blogs need SEO promotion and adequate advertising through social media in order to succeed.

Not Being Active: The most casual error is not being regular which gives away a sense of carelessness and diverts attention from your readers.