19 thoughts on “Building a web site using Amaya Web Editor and Free Templates

  1. Good video & thank you so much for making this video. I have already shared this video on my blog, hope that’s okay?

  2. @TheDroLife
    Try it and see. Amaya alerts you to code errors. Correct all errors and you should get a valid page. Amaya is written for this very purpose by W3C.

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  4. i dont understand u man, where can i download it for free the Amaya w3c web editor ?
    i want to know step by step i realy need a website , a wwbsite that dosent show loggo from the company or the newsletter on my page, i want a website that i have 100% my right,

  5. @sspiegler
    I did that video a year ago. I don’t remember exactly what I used
    Go to the website
    Just pick out a template you like and play around with it.
    They come in zip files. extract the contents. Experiment. If you mess up, delete the files you were working on and extract a fresh copy.
    Good Luck!

  6. hey, when i load the index file it comes up as a regular document..what could be the causes/corrections of that?

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