23 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Website Design Tutorial (Medium Difficulty)

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  5. it’s html code,src is the source of the image (the location).if you want to know what the codes mean u have to learn xhtml (it’s easy by the way!).good luck

  6. can anyone send me a link with all the names for these codes and what they mean? for example i know img means image but what does src mean? thanks

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  12. @EdzJohnson Thank you for this tutorial, I have really enjoyed it and it has helped me a lot but I have a problem… please check the picture of my header on flickr … this is a picture of how it looks when I load it in any web browser… please help me!!!! The picture is the only one i’ve uploaded onto flickr, my profile is flickr.c-0-m/photos/zip3h Please get back to me! 🙁

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